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  • Product ManufactureWe offer a complete system build capability

  • Product ManufactureWe offer a complete system build capability

  • Product ManufactureWe offer a complete system build capability

  • Product ManufactureWe offer a complete system build capability

Product Manufacture

Most of today’s products contain both electronic and mechanical components. So this should make CableTronics your number one choice for product box build, equipment manufacture and system assembly.

Products containing electronic devices, PCBs, mechanical parts or pneumatic and hydraulic components can all be manufactured at our workshop in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

We offer a complete system build capability, including the following:

  • ALL components purchased
  • Metal work, fabricated, punched or cut
  • Box, panel or chassis construction
  • Enclosure preparation
  • Integral wiring, loom or cable assembly
  • PCB population (through hole and surface mount)
  • Complete system integration
  • Electronic equipment installation
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems plumbed
  • Full compliance, leak and electrical testing
  • Product packing, bagging or boxing

Whether a small hand-held device or a large industrial machine, a few components or a complete system, a simple gadget or a complex robotic assembly, CableTronics can offer manufacturing assistance, support and feedback from purchasing to packaging.

For a range of applications – such as military, aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, medical, pharmaceutical, broadcasting, public, industrial, domestic and environmental applications – CableTronics has it covered.

Many of our customers’ products are used across the globe from remote deserts to equipment in medical rooms or maybe even a car park, charging point or supermarket near you, and many in safety critical situations.

Our workforce and management team have more than 20 years’ experience in various areas of both electronic and mechanical assembly. We use skilled and knowledgeable staff who have been with the company for many years, and know the difference between a pan-headed screw and a cheese head, between steel and aluminium, between powder coating and Allenchrome and between a straight flute and a fluteless.

Typically, our assemblies incorporate:

  • Conduit, trunking, DIN rail, buzz bars
  • Wiring, looms, harnesses and cables
  • Buttons, lights, indicators and switches
  • PCBs, displays, windows, touch screens
  • PLCCs, timers, relays, connectors
  • Bearings, gears, cylinders
  • Valves and actuators
  • Piping and ducting
  • Fittings and couplings
  • Filters and manifolds
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Motors and pumps
  • Hinges, struts, slides
  • Relays, contactors, circuit breakers
  • Transformers and chokes

Manufacturing products

Whether a small sub-assembly or a large system, our technicians will ensure full build compliance with your drawings, specifications and instructions in accordance with our ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.

We also understand and acknowledge the importance of completing any supporting documentation in a neat, tidy and presentable manner for traceability, record keeping and historic reference.

In addition to taking great pride in their work, our technicians are trained to identify any technical or other issues prior to assembly, and give feedback direct to our customers. These are just some of the many ways in which our culture makes our box build service second to none, providing trouble-free products delivered on time.

In addition to this, quality, consistency and on-time deliveries are ensured by the use of specialist tooling and equipment as well as a large stock of mechanical hardware and a wide selection of electrical components.

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