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  • Complete Manufacturefrom samples or prototypes through to full product

Complete Manufacture

CableTronics can provide a complete manufacturing service, from samples or prototypes through to full product and system build, calibration, testing and packaging.

We take total responsibility for the entire assembly process, regardless of size, quantity or sophistication, from component procurement to PCB population, product assembly, build, manufacture and boxing or bagging of goods.

For many customers’ products, we dispatch direct to the end user. This can also include the handling of accessories, spares and other associated equipment.

Great care is taken throughout the assembly process to ensure that not just the product but all the final build parts, panels, doors, lids and labels reach you in pristine condition.

We take into account environmental surroundings during transportation and storage and will pack goods in accordance with your specifications and instructions, using materials you prefer where requested.

Our production line is purpose designed for runs of equipment like these hand held controllers. We can take on the complete manufacture of equipment from prototypes to packaging.

The importance of good packaging

We recognise that packaging can be as critical as the product it's protecting – that a highly designed, well made and thoroughly tested unit must not be marked, dented or damaged before it reaches the customer. We therefore generate comprehensive packaging procedures for each individual customer's requirements, addressing not only the main product, but all accessories, instructions, safety leaflets and the labels that accompany it.

Our aims are:

  • To respond rapidly to all your requirements
  • To reduce your costs, including stock holding, material waste and excess labour
  • To help compensate for fluctuations in your business
  • To increase your productivity when your demand exceeds capacity
  • To provide products and services to give you a competitive edge
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