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Why Us

We are a leading electromechanical engineering company, who provide electronic and mechanical sub-contract services to the manufacturing industry. Our areas of expertise include cable assembly, product manufacture, panel building and PCB population. Below are just some of the services we offer. For more detailed information, please click on the relevant headings.

Cable Assembly
  • Wires cut, stripped, tinned and bundled
  • Point to point crimping
  • Point to point soldering
  • Custom and bespoke cables constructed and terminated
  • Complex wiring looms, umbilicals and harnesses manufactured
  • Industrial control, cabinet and tray cables made
  • Ribbon, patch, network and IDC cables prepared
Product Build
  • Sub-assembly or prototype work
  • Box building, including all chassis wiring
  • Complete system construction and integration
  • Electronic equipment manufactured
  • Mechanical assemblies built
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems plumbed
Panel Constructions
  • Metal work, punched, drilled or laser cut
  • Panel preparation, including panel machining and spraying
  • Manufacture of internal and external labels
  • Laser engraving
  • Cabinet construction: hangers, locks, seals, lights, fans, glands, etc.
  • Chassis build, including bars, rails and trunking
  • Device population programming and testing
  • All internal looming and wiring
PCB Population
  • Semi-automated screen printing
  • SMT pick and place machinery
  • Vapour phase soldering
  • Deionized cleaning machines
  • Conventional hand soldering
  • AOI optical inspection equipment

ABout our team

Our fully trained IPC technicians will take personal responsibility for your assembly in order to ensure that every aspect of the job, including any documentation, is completed in a culture of right or wrong; not ‘that will do’ or ‘close enough’.

By using many hand tools designed for intricate electronics and heavy duty mechanical assembly, automated machinery and calibrated digital test and inspection equipment, we ensure that the most efficient manufacturing methods and processes are used to keep all costs to an absolute minimum.

In summary, we are an electromechanical engineering company that can help our customers thrive, through reliable and efficient partnerships.

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