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Quality is every employee’s responsibility. Testing of all our products is a fundamental part of the manufacturing process.

We build quality into every aspect of our business. For example, new staff are immediately inducted into a culture of right or wrong; not 'that will do' or 'close enough'. Ongoing staff training and the continuous purchase of new fully automated test and inspection equipment reinforce this philosophy.

We also work with you on how best your products can be tested, so that you can highlight any specific areas that require special attention, examination or assessment.

ISO 9001 and UKAS management accrediations

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We can also design and build customer-specific test equipment and write accompanying test procedures to ensure compliance and consistency.

All our equipment is calibrated to the highest standards where required, which gives you added confidence in the performance of your assembly or product.

We also promote direct communication between our technicians and our customers, giving ownership to their work and leading to real pride in each project. This allows for invaluable feedback to clients and, more importantly for us, to identify what we do wrong as well as what we do right.

So sure are we of our quality, we invite customers to make unannounced spot checks at any time during the build process to ensure that all in-line or final assembly procedures and paperwork comply with their requirements.

Where no test procedures currently exist, we have our own minimum standards of inspection depending upon assembly type, which are documented in our BS ISO 9001 Quality Manual, and this can be viewed at any time.

CableTronics recognises that, when it’s your reputation at stake, only by thorough product testing, carried out by competent and skilled engineers using the necessary calibrated test and inspection equipment, can you be sure that every assembly supplied will work right first time, every time.

Just one more reason for using a trusted sub-contract manufacturer with a proven history of supplying reliable products to OEMs and small companies from cables worth a few pence to products costing many thousands of pounds and used all over the world.